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  • STOP Online Advertisers Following You

STOP Online Advertisers Following You

Have you ever wondered how websites know what you're interested in buying? For example your browsing the internet looking for a new iPhone. The next minute you notice that there is a bunch of advertising recommending Apple iPhone or Samsungs Galaxy S4. Perhaps an advert pops up that is aimed directly at you. How does that web-page know you're looking for a new Smart-phone?
Something very creepy is going on

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Past Inspiration

Sitepoint.com is a website that stands out amongst all others. Sitepoint helped me establish a small web design business in Adelaide. Having a bit of time off lately I have been revisiting the site and it’s to see the many changes that have occurred in the past 6 years. Things that I have noticed changes have been the introduction of smart phones and tablets. This has changed how we view websites. Working away from the office these days I have noticed that I spend a lot of time on my iPhone searching the internet. I don’t own an iPad (yet) but I know these have been incredibly popular. [...]