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Time Management Article

Time Management

The best thing happened to me this week. I finally started a new role after 2 years of working away from home. I’m settling into a nice 7-4 office job which is guaranteed until April next year. This has given me a lot of spare time to focus on learning PHP/MySQL, brushing up on CSS3/HTML5 and researching/learning new technology topics which interest me. I get an hour to go to the gym everyday. It also means I am have [...]

The Light Bulb Conspiracy Article

Planned Obsolescence

Today I decided to start an online blog. Unlike Facebook which is constantly being monitored I thought a nice subtle blog would be a nice change. Today was a relaxing day. Woke up early and had a nice scrabbled egg breakfast. Switched the computer on and spent a few hours playing Batman AC on PC. In between that I started to research cases for a new HTPC build that I’m thinking of buying. My dilemma atm is that I don’t [...]