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Joomla Case Study

Case Study: Generate more bookings on your Joomla website

IntroductionA few weeks ago we were contacted by Trans Genesis Yoga School of Meditation regarding their current Joomla website. Customers were reporting that they were having difficulties placing bookings on the current website. This case study highlights the current problems with the existing website and what can be done to make the experience more user friendly.ScenarioA customer visits your website to place a booking for a Yoga session. They click on “Book Online” only to realise there a no current booking [...]

MyShopping Website

MyShopping Prestashop Integration

MyShopping.com.au is Australia’s premier comparison shopping service. They collect information on products and their prices from thousands of online stores and then compile all these data in a single convenient and easy to use catalogue so that online shoppers could select the right product at the right price from millions of goods on offer and then click on the chosen product to be taken to the online merchant’s site where they can complete their purchase. Continuously operating since July 2005, MyShopping.com.au [...]

Prestashop Customisation Banner

How to make a Promotion Banner in Prestashop V1.6 using HTML Box

INTRODUCTION: Today I’m going to show you how to customise a FREE Module within your Prestashop Website so that it appears as a Promotional Banner when a new customer visits your Ecommerce Site. The goal of this Promotional Banner is to get more Customers to sign up to your Ecommerce Website. SUMMARY: This is a short tutorial to illustrate how to edit a FREE Module called HTML Box using a small collection of Web Developer Tools. The aim of this blog post [...]

Override Joomla Header

How to override the Joomla template.css file

INTRODUCTION: Today I’m going to show you how to edit the template.css file within the Protostar template in Joomla. SUMMARY: This is a short tutorial to discuss how to edit the template.css file within the protostar template in Joomla. The purpose of this post is to educate web developers and designers on how to make custom CSS modifications to their templates. I found this to be quite helpful in converting a html website to joomla for my client Firedam Civil. 6 STEPS TO [...]


Create your own Ubuntu Web Server

PC or MAC Computer VirtualBox: Download Link Ubuntu Server: Download Link Webmin: See website for more info phpMyAdmin: See website for more info ProFTPD: See website for more info This tutorial should take just under 90 minutes to complete. About 4 months ago I decided to move all my data to a Network Attached Storage device. This choice allows me the freedom to access my data on any device throughout the office, home or remote location. After researching the internet I discovered a popular, cost effective, [...]

Online Advertisers Tutorial
Online Advertisers Tutorial Header

STOP online advertisers following you

Have you ever wondered how websites know what you’re interested in buying? For example your browsing the internet looking for a new iPhone. The next minute you notice that there is a bunch of advertising recommending Apple iPhone or the latest Samsung’s Galaxy. Perhaps an advert pops up that is aimed directly at you. How does that web-page know you’re looking for a new Smart-phone? Something very creepy is going on. The invisible mechanism that makes this phenomenon possible has nothing [...]

Sitepoint Logo

Past Inspiration

Sitepoint.com is a website that stands out amongst all others. Sitepoint helped me establish a small web design business in Adelaide. Having a bit of time off lately I have been revisiting the site and it’s to see the many changes that have occurred in the past 6 years. Things that I have noticed changes have been the introduction of smart phones and tablets. This has changed how we view websites. Working away from the office these days I [...]