Planned Obsolescence

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Planned Obsolescence

Today I decided to start an online blog. Unlike Facebook which is constantly being monitored I thought a nice subtle blog would be a nice change.

Today was a relaxing day. Woke up early and had a nice scrabbled egg breakfast. Switched the computer on and spent a few hours playing Batman AC on PC. In between that I started to research cases for a new HTPC build that I’m thinking of buying. My dilemma atm is that I don’t really need to buy this, just enjoying having new technology. My friend Chris who came over last night for dinner suggested I watch “The Lightbulb Conspiracy“. This is the story of companies who engineered their products to fail. As a huge fan of “the Zeitgeist Movement” I can say that I enjoyed watching Cosima Dannoritzer (director) point of view on this subject.

Steve Jobs Biography

Recently my girlfriend bought me Steve Jobs. by Walter Isaacson.

This got me started on developing a love for Apple or should I say Steve Jobs. Previous to reading this book I have been a PC users. Born in 1982 my first memory of a computer was a Commodore 64. I was also lucky enough to have encounters with the Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive, Pentium 4, Windows 95, 98, XP and 7. My only encounter with Apple was in 2000 with a black and white Macintosh computer than had a mouse with one click? I hated it. My relationship with Apple did not start until 2005 when the 5th Generation of the iPod was released. It cost me about $400 from memory and had a massive 60GB of space. It was black and played video clips. I used this iPod mostly overseas whilst on a working holiday in the UK. Without it I would have been lost, it really did save me. My next encounter with Apple would be my iPhone in 2008. Not buying into the original iPhone 3 in 2007 I let the technology develop and bought an iPhone 4. I have been happy with my Apple experience so far. I love my PC as it gives me freedom to do whatever I want. However my last 2 laptops have died and I think it’s time to maybe turn to the dark side and buy a Macbook Pro. Waiting for the next line to be released as it’s a want not a need. This leads me back to Zeitgeist and The Lightbulb Conspiracy. I know I’m a victim of consumerism and I don’t need these products. Am I going to be a victim of planned obsolescence? So far Apple has been good to me? We only live once, if we want to have nice things like technology and get a few good years out of it, that’s worth what they cost?

Anyways, pretty heavy start to a first blog entry but this is what goes through my head. I know exactly whats going on but continue to participate as this is considered normal behavior.

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