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Responsive Web DesignWith mobile internet users doubling in the last year alone, it makes sense to build a site that looks perfect at every screen size. I build all my new websites responsive as standard.

What this means is that websites can be viewed at any screen size and they always look perfect. Many websites will simply scale a site down on smaller screens meaning the user has to zoom in to each area of the site, scrolling left, right, up and down to find the information they’re looking for, this just isn’t user-friendly.

With responsive design, the website adapts it’s layout to work with whatever size screen the visitor is using. Take my website for example, if you’re viewing this on a desktop PC you’ll see a grid layout that spans the majority of your screen width, however, if you resize it or are viewing us on a smartphone, the layout is moved around to take on a single column layout meaning the user simply needs to scroll up or down to read through the content. You also won’t need to zoom in to specific areas, with responsive design images and content are automatically resized to fit perfectly to the user’s device.

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