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The best thing happened to me this week. I finally started a new role after 2 years of working away from home. I’m settling into a nice 7-4 office job which is guaranteed until April next year. This has given me a lot of spare time to focus on learning PHP/MySQL, brushing up on CSS3/HTML5 and researching/learning new technology topics which interest me. I get an hour to go to the gym everyday. It also means I am have a normal routing and get to go home at the end of the day.

This leads me into the topic of Time Management. It seems really easy to collect & store information however a great deal of time to prioritise, sort and analyse that data. Lucky for me I my brain enjoys activities such as these. My time and mental energy is being driven towards Joomla and PHP at the moment but HTML5 + iOS development is also lingering in my mind. Then I add a bit of networking in when I want a break from that. Together it makes for a lot of information coming in at once. As most developers would know the key to time management is de-cluttering your brain and drawing a plan on paper. This frees up your brain for thinking and makes work flow/time management easier.

My inspirations this month have been online learning sites such as


I’m finding online learning really enjoyable which confirms I’m a visual learner. I have also discovered I’m very interested in a Sydney based design company called pbweddev.com who are doing great things at Joomla Beat. These sites are both created by Peter Bui. Peter runs a fantastic podcast on a weekly basis.

So now my challenge is time management. Between a full time job and a girlfriend, it really does not leave much time for study. I’m really not managing my time very well right now typing this blog, but I guess it is to make a point and hopefully motivate me to stop writing and start working.

On that note I will leave it here, thanks for reading.

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